ENGR2202 Dynamics
Armstrong Atlantic State University
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ASME Reference guidelines

Jan 9,11  Velocity, Acceleration, Position class notes                  
Jan 16, 18
Curvilinear Motion, Angular motion/ Normal Tangential
Jan 23, 25 Polar and Cylindrical co-ordinates, Relative
Jan  30, Feb 1 Equations of motion for particles, Inertial reference Frames Project 1
Feb 6, 8 Principles of Work and Energy, Work done by particular force
Feb 13, 15 Work and Potential Energy, Conservative
Forces, Impulse Momentum
Feb 20, 22 Impacts, direct/oblique, coefficient of restitution
Feb 27, Mar 1 Velocity of two points on a rigid body, Instantaneous Center
Mar 6, 8 Acceleration of two points on a Rigid Body, Second Frame of Reference
Mar 20, 22 Equations of Plane Motion, Momentum Principles-Rigid Body Project 2
Mar 27, 29 Moment of Inertia, Rigid Body Work Energy
April 3, 5 3D Dynamics Rigid Bodies