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Fall 2017 schedule:Tuesdays/Thursdays 5:15-6:15pm, North Balcony, Sports Center

The art form practiced is shotokan karate, we practice twice a week throughout the semester. Emphasis is placed on self control, mental focus, efficient technique, physical fitness, and kata combat applications (bunkai). We spar in all forms (tournament style, free sparring including holding and throwing) except on the ground. Shotokan is a Japanese/Okinawan hard style that relies primarily on striking, however several defense tactics for close combat (throws, knees, locks etc.) are also incorporated. It is rooted in strong stances and utilizes about 60% hands, 40% legs. No weapons are currently used.

Semester fee: $30 (contact Pierce Greaves for payment at pg@stu.armstrong.edu)

Experience: none needed

Training gear: loose work out clothes until you are able to purchase a uniform (approx. $50), see website for uniform information.

Eligibility: All Armstong students/staff/faculty

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