The Eeach One Teach One (EOTO) program endeavors to pair elementary school students with an engineering undergraduate college mentor. The elementary school chosen typically serves the lower socio-economic population. Typically two elementary school students are mentored by one undergraduate engineering students. Undergraduates mentor the elementary children once per week, assisting with math while developing engineering design and construction projects scheduled for completion at the end of each semester. The elementary school students then present their projects (posterboard format) to the school, their parents and the community at the end of the semester. Some of the projects performed in in the past include: the design and construction of an elementary radio from low cost household materials, the design and construction of a bridge and an airplane (elementary school level).

The goals of the EOTO program are to improve awareness among inner city elementary or middle school students of STEM careers, develop these students' appreciation and motivation to excel in STEM, and to develop mentor relationships between college students and elementary or middle school students. The following ARE measurable objectives consistent with the EOTO goals:

• To increase the number of students from the lower socio-economic population who are eligible for and apply to college programs relevant to NASA objectives.

• To develop leadership and mentoring skills of undergraduate engineering students at Armstrong.

• To provide STEM and NASA resources, information and opportunities to lower socio-economic elementary or middle school students.

• To improve the awareness and understanding among undergraduate engineering students on the issues affecting underrepresented groups, as well as social and cultural differences.

• To develop elementary school NASA related projects that will appeal to under-represented groups and stimulate their interest in engineering.

The program is funded by the Georgia Space Grant Consortium. Please email me at if you are interested in volunteering or if you are a local educator/administrator who wishes to obtain more information. Due to limited funds we can only provide 5-10 mentors. For Spring 2014, we are providing mentors for students at Spencer Elementary School.