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Spring 2017: Testing at Hidden Hills Park in Stone Mountain, GA.
Guest Judge: Sabumnim McDowell (far right) 
Spring 2017: Demostration for visiting Japanese Consulate Fall 2012: outside workout
Spring 2012 Karate Club Volunteer effort: One day without shoes Peach State Karate Classic, Rincon GA 2008. From left to right: David Clark, Robert Cleary, Mike Cato, Qyunh Phan, Dennis Middleton, Sensei Coates

(left to right) Sensei Coates, Po Lin, David Beasely and Matt Carney after participation in Beach Battle tournament , Myrtle Beach 2005

Fall testing 2005: Visiting from Atlanta are Sempai Davis (front left), Sensei Spencer (front, 3rd from left) and Sempai Goodwin (front right)