Spring 2009

Congratulations on the following students on being promoted after testing November 2008 at AASU..

David Clark (5th kyu green), Khalil Branch (7th kyu yellow), Bradley Curran (7th kyu yellow)


Spring 2008

Congratulations on the following students for competing well and with the true spirit of shotokan atthe 2008 Peach State Karate Classic held in Rincon, GA

David Clark (1st place sparring), Dennis Middleton (2nd place sparring), Robert Cleary (1st place -kata), Quynh Phan (1st pace-kata), Michael Cato (2nd place sparring)


Spring 2006

Congratulations on the following students on being promoted after testing in October 2005 AASU
Paul Hadavas (6th kyu green), David Beasely (6th kyu green), Po Lin (5th kyu green), Miriam Wing (8th kyu yellow)
Stephen Hotart (8th kyu yellow), Daniel Shenoda (8th kyu yellow), Kristina Shuman (8th kyu yellow), Matt Logan (8th kyu yellow)

Fall 2005

Special Thanks to Sempai Lino for doing a demonstration of karate to children attending a Savannah library outreach program over the Summer.
Our testing was held on Oct 15, 2005. We had a visit from Sensei Spencer, Sempais Goodwin and Davis from Atlanta; We are grateful for their time and energy

Spring 2005

We had an excellent beach training session on Tybee beach!
Congratulations to the students who participated in the Beach Battle tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Mathew Carney (1st place novice kata), Po Lin (2nd place intermediate kata), David Beasely (3rd place intermediate kata)

They represented the school well and performed with the true spirit of karate!

Fall 2004

Congratulations to the following students for passing their belt examination.
Paul Hadavas (7th kyu yellow), David Beasely (7th kyu yellow), Po Lin (7th kyu yellow), Christopher Dunn (8th kyu yellow), Jamaal Holmes (8th kyu yellow)

Job well done!