Sucess stories from our past students...

"The ESP Tutoring Center had a huge impact on my ability to successfully complete the RETP program at Armstrong. My freshman year I struggled through classes, since I tried to do things on my own. I did not know how to study effectively, and what it took to succeed. During my sophomore year I was in the tutoring center everyday. I met some of my closest friends. And my graded significantly turned around. I was able to complete my program on time, and now I'm a semester from graduating from a top ranking institution."

"The Engineering Tutoring Center was an integral part of my success at Armstrong. Without it I doubt I would have been nearly as prepared as I was to go to Georgia Tech. The tutoring center was well equipped for our needs and the best students were asked to tutor. All of the students I transferred with worked together closely in the ESP Tutoring Center to tutor and assist each other. All of these students have gone on to do exceedingly well in very challenging engineering programs here at Tech, most having 3.7 - 4.0 GPAs. The Armstrong Engineering Program is in my opinion one of the greatest programs available in the region to prepare students for challenging academic and industry careers. I can't begin to express how thankful I am for the Engineering Program and especially the ESP Tutoring Center."

"The ESP Tutoring Center enabled me to learn valuable study habits, various important engineering concepts that were difficult for me to grasp on my own, and gave me a place to seek help when I felt lost in my studies. I made friends and learned social skills here, learned more concepts which I now feel very comfortable with than I ever thought possible an academic tutoring center, and I don't think my Armstrong experience would not have even been close to as successful or as enjoyable as it was, without the ESP Tutoring Center."

"Spending time studying there definitely saved a lot of my grades in difficult classes and contributed to my success in the RETP program. I love the engineering tutoring center, I met many great people there, and it is an important component of the engineering program at Armstrong."

"The engineering turoring center helped me learn how to study when I first started college. It's the reason I'm currently at Georgia Tech now!"

"It brought folks together in a way that allowed us to collaborate and bond. Without it I doubt I'd still have the professional and personal relationships that I currently have with the students and faculty."

"Without help from tutoring center, I would have not achieved what I have planned for my classes. Their help was a great opportunity for me to truly learn what I suppose to know for my class because their helping was not just telling the answer to a problem but rather encourage student to investigate deep in to the problem so that they get to teach themselves. The tutoring center was a so much help for my semesters in Armstrong and I will be always thankful."

"I liked how I could get help at almost any time. It was also a good way to to learn new study strategies by interacting with fellow students."

"The ESP Tutoring Center was an invaluable tool which contributed to my success at Armstrong. It provided a space for me to not only receive additional instructional help that is required for the demanded engineering course load but it also provided a space where I could study and come up to pace with my peers. This boost in performance and morale that I gained from my experiences within the ESP Tutoring Center also helped me as I transitioned to Georgia Tech as it strengthen my academic foundation and made clear to me the importance of receiving additional help through peer tutoring."

"The ESP tutoring center assisted with every engineering class that I took while I was at Armstrong State University. Along with assist with my courses the tutoring center staff were great to be around and pushed me to excel in the rest of my courses as well. Having been a tutor for the ESP tutoring center I've benefited in a different way then the students did. Aside from being paid to tutor the concepts of engineering were reinforced when I taught or helped another student with their coursework."